• Riding the Second Wave

    8 Dec 2020 by

    An Athens “staycation” with lovely fall mountain walks. Anyone interested? We’ve been in a second lockdown for over a month now, which may or may not lift next week as stores start to steadily reopen for the holiday season. Some nights ago in the middle of the night I got up and followed a thin… Read more

  • October Odyssey: Sights of Santorini

    25 Oct 2020 by

    Santorini: surely you’ve seen the photos that travel agents all over the world use to advertise Greece: the whitewashed houses (mostly all hotels now) clinging to the reddish cliffs, the blue-domed churches, the sunlight, the joining of blue sea (the caldera) and sky. As poet Odysseus Elytis called it, “the mystery of Greek light, sea… Read more

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