• KYTHNOS, island of simplicity

    22 Jul 2021 by

    Kythnos is touted as an island of authenticity and quiet, an island that’s “relaxed” and “low profile,” or as the tourist office calls it “the island of simplicity and hospitality.” The first thing you notice on the island are the brown barren hills: stark mostly treeless land with a few clumps of olive trees here… Read more


    24 Jun 2021 by

    “PCR Test Results, check.  Attestation form, check. PLF form confirmation email, check, New York State health form, check, vaccination certificates, check, dusty copy of marriage license translation, check… Ok, we’re cool with all the documents…”  Travel in the age of, how should I call it, “mid covid?” Panicking, we can’t seem to get a consensus on… Read more

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