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Where I am / What I Write About

Portara on Naxos

Greece, my home for the last 36 years. An expatriate lifetime! This past year I entered the world of retirement, finally breaking out of my cocoon, the oasis of the American College of Greece, where I was teaching bright Greek teenagers English language and literature. Ready to face the real world now.

In Athens on a summer night you can find me watching a film at an open air cinema, listening to a concert at the magical Herod Atticus theater (fondly known as the Irodeon) or eating mezedes by the sea. I write about my beautiful but beleagured city. Maybe “beautiful” is not the right word; try dynamic, spirited, energetic and unpredictable.

Although I’m a city person at heart, I also write about life outside the city, mountain villages but most of all the islands whose population swells with tourists in the summer.  I write about the sea, food, language, music and culture.

I hope you enjoy reading this and I’d love to know your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Where I am / What I Write About

  1. Nancy Parkes 18 Jul 2019 — 21:06

    Brava, Sherri! Lovely!


    1. Thanks Nancy! Glad you like it!


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